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Our full-service team has been using a customer-focused approach to make the solar installation process easy for medium- to large-scale businesses, manufacturers, agriculture, schools, and municipalities since 2012. Solar installation helps our clients realize significant long-term cost savings through a more predictable energy cost structure, gain energy independence and security, and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by reducing their carbon footprint.

Types of Commercial Installation

Trust the expertise of our licensed, certified technicians – and rely on the successful completion of more than 1,500 projects for satisfied customers over the past 10-plus years. Our team assesses your premises’ suitability for solar installation and tailors your project design, engineering, and construction to your specific energy needs, budget, and business goals.

41 GWh

of Solar Energy Produced Annually

Our installed projects generate an impressive annual amount (and growing) of clean solar energy.

Ground Mount

Typically installed on properties with a lot of space, ground mount arrays are installed facing directly south to maximize production.

Ballast Roof Mount

If you have a flat roof, the ballasted mounts anchor down the modules without penetrating the membrane of your roof.

I want to thank you and your Nelnet Renewable Energy staff for the smooth and quick completion of the Escanaba Solar Project Expansion. Escanaba will benefit from the increased solar generation during the peak load months of June, July, and August, and will reduce our future purchased electric capacity requirements. Again, thank you for the job well done! It has been a pleasure to work with Nelnet Renewable Energy.

City of Escanaba

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Benefits of Installing with Our Team

Full-Service Team

Our leading solar installation firm has teams of licensed and certified consultants, engineers, project managers, electricians, and solar installers working out of offices in four states with decades of solar experience.

Five-Star Service

We strive for excellence every time – meeting the unique needs of each client with a consultative approach that extends before, during, and after project completion – and we have the reviews to show for it.

Tier 1 Equipment

To ensure your satisfaction and our reputation – as well as the longevity of your solar investment – we use first-rate Tier 1 equipment from globally recognized manufacturers.

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Our Commercial Solar Financing Options


Go solar by purchasing the system outright and benefit from your self-generated electricity as soon as your system goes online.

Power Purchase Agreement

Get your entire system for $0 down. Nelnet Renewable Energy will own, operate, and manage the array while providing you with low-cost renewable energy without the hassle. Check for availability in your area.

Solar Incentives

Utility meter mounted on the back of a solar array.

Federal Income Tax Credit

Business taxpayers may be eligible to claim a tax credit on their Federal Income Tax return of 30% or more, depending on the circumstances, on qualifying expenditures on a solar system that they own. Business tax credits may be possible to carry forward to offset future tax liabilities if there is insufficient tax liability in the solar system’s first year of operation. Consult your tax advisor to determine whether this credit is available to you and for what amount.

Utility meter mounted on the back of a solar array.

Net Metering

If your solar system produces more energy than you’re using, you may get credits applied to your monthly electricity bill at the discretion of your utility provider. 1 Net metering can vary, depending on your utility provider.

Discover the Nelnet Renewable Energy difference.

As part of Nelnet – a company that has been creating exceptional customer experiences for 40-plus years – Nelnet Renewable Energy is driven by a purpose to serve and a passion for supporting renewable energy. Our solar installation teams originally started helping businesses and municipalities enjoy the financial and environmental benefits of converting to solar as GRNE Solar in 2012, and now bring their expertise to Nelnet Renewable Energy’s vertically integrated solution set.

What to Expect

States With Solar Systems Installed

We have projects completed or in progress for happy clients in 13 states - and the staff and experience to install throughout the country.

Our Service Locations

While we have strong roots in the Midwest, our reputation for quality work and exceptional service has led to rapid expansion into other states. Learn more about our current service locations for solar services in these states.

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