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Support renewable energy, improve the world, and save up to 10% on your energy costs – that’s the power of community solar.1 Subscribe to a local project today.

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How Does Community Solar Work?

Now it’s possible to make a difference by supporting renewable energy! Subscribe to a local community solar project delivering energy to your area through your local power grid. You receive solar credits to help with your electricity costs, saving you up to 10% on your monthly energy costs.1



Enter your ZIP code to see if there’s a community solar project near you. (You’ll even see how much you can save.)



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When your project starts producing energy, you start saving up to 10% on your monthly energy costs.1

Community Solar Farms

As homeowners, renters, and small business owners, you have the power to make a difference, with no upfront costs. To support renewable energy, subscribe to a local community solar project powered by our partners and serviced by us, and you can save.

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We partner with community solar developers and help them find subscribers for their projects – residents and small business owners like you who want to support renewable energy but didn’t have that as an option before. We connect you with a local community solar project that delivers renewable energy to your power grid and, once you’re a subscriber, work with your utility provider to make sure you receive solar credits that lead to energy savings. As a Nelnet company, we offer you the same exceptional customer service and streamlined payment processing we’ve applied to a wide range of businesses.

Community solar projects help save the environment because the energy they generate does not produce greenhouse gases or contribute to air or water pollution. By using solar energy to replace or reduce use of other, less environmentally friendly energy sources, we can have a positive effect on our world. Once you subscribe to a project with Nelnet Renewable Energy, your community solar dashboard shows the solar energy generated, and the environmental impact, of your project – so you can see the difference you’re making!

When you subscribe to community solar, you purchase a portion of the project’s energy production. For your subscription, you receive solar credits that are applied to your utility bill each month and typically cover your utility bill’s charges. Since you’re charged on your community solar subscription bill at a discounted rate, when you compare the credits on your utility bill and your subscription bill with your charges, you’ll typically see monthly savings. Most people using community solar save up to 10% on their monthly energy costs. 1 (You can watch your solar credits accruing in your community solar dashboard, if you’d like.)

Yes. Once your project starts generating energy, you’ll receive solar credits on your utility bill that help cover your payment. On a new bill for your community solar subscription, you’ll pay for those solar credits at a discounted rate. With the discounted rate you receive on the solar credits you pay for, you’ll actually save on your overall energy costs. Generally, people who subscribe to a community solar project save up to 10% on their energy costs each month. We offer flexible billing and payment options, including AutoPay, allowing you to easily manage your account.

Of course. We’ve created this glossary of terms commonly used in the community solar space.

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Nearly half of Americans still can’t install solar panels on their own roof because they rent, find it unaffordable, or have physical barriers.2

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With community solar, you have no upfront costs or installation hassle to keep you from making a difference – just start supporting renewable energy use.

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On average, people who participate in community solar programs save up to 10% on their monthly energy costs. You can, too!1

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Over 90 million metric tons of carbon dioxide are offset each year by American solar power, and you can be part of it. That’s like planting almost 1.5 billion trees!3

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