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The Business Case for Going Solar

Businesses are increasingly recognizing the need to be more environmentally responsible. One significant way they can support the clean energy transition is by investing in renewable energy sources like solar. While installing solar panels can be a low risk investment that yields substantial cost savings, it also helps businesses boost their brand and build a loyal customer base as they help lead the way to a sustainable future.

Creating Savings and Avoiding Volatile Energy Cost Hikes

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), solar power systems can save businesses thousands of dollars annually on their electricity bills. The decreasing cost of solar technology, rising energy costs, and various government incentives are boosting solar deployment; the return on investment for solar installations is more attractive than ever. Installing solar helps businesses avoid energy market volatility by creating predictable energy costs for decades to come.

Finding Other Benefits From Being Environmentally Responsible

Beyond financial gains, embracing solar energy demonstrates a company's commitment to environmental responsibility. This commitment allows them to enrich their sustainable marketing efforts, which can enhance the company's public image, support regulatory compliance, attract environmentally conscious customers, increase employee engagement, and boost brand loyalty. In today's socially aware market, sustainability matters for both a business's bottom line and the future of the planet.

Meeting State Renewable Energy Goals – and Helping to Drive Pro-Climate Policies

While businesses stand to gain financial savings and positive public image from going solar, they also play a key role in driving climate policy and creating a path to a more sustainable future. Many states now have their own sustainability goals. It’s important that businesses comply with those requirements and even go a step further to support pro-climate public policies. Adopting renewable energy is a great way to positively impact not only a business's bottom line, but also change the world for the better.

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