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Nelnet Renewable Energy is a leading, trusted partner for your sustainability and investment efforts, with over $313 million of tax equity under management between us and our co-investment partners to date. Our experienced venture capital investment team is committed to identifying opportunities and deploying capital to drive strategic CleanTech and ClimateTech solutions and innovation.

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As part of a longstanding company with strong financials and a culture of innovation, we offer essential stability and agility not commonly found together in this space. Nelnet Renewable Energy is part of Nelnet, a purpose-driven, publicly traded company that has facilitated the construction and operation of nearly $1 billion in solar projects nationwide. Our unique co-investment platform allows corporations to co-invest alongside us to monetize their federal tax liability and realize cash savings. We also invest in CleanTech and ClimateTech startups that are accelerating the transition to a renewable energy grid.

Tax Equity Funding

Partner with an experienced and synergistic tax equity investor. As a collaborative partner, we seek to invest in high-quality, mid-sized solar projects and reputable developers, conducting business with trust and respect and creating win/wins.

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Tax Equity Co-Investment Platform

Our unique co-investment platform allows corporate tax teams to reduce their federal tax liability and generate cash benefits with tax equity investing while also driving their organizations’ sustainability efforts.

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Innovation & Partnerships

As an experienced investor and synergistic partner, we’re focused on exploring, identifying, and deploying capital to startup organizations in the CleanTech and ClimateTech sectors that are positioned to disrupt, innovate, and provide positive impacts.

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