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Solar Installation Referral Program

Verified Referral Bonus

A person who solely refers a homeowner to Nelnet Renewable Energy will receive a $25 Visa gift card after a Nelnet Renewable Energy solar consultant completes a scheduled consultation with that homeowner. The $25 gift card is awarded to the referrer after the consultation, regardless of whether solar installation is an available option for the referred homeowner based on the technical suitability of the referred homeowner’s property, the referred homeowner’s credit, or other logistical issues. Only one $25 gift card will be awarded for each referred household. Emailed Giftogram gift cards expire 12 months from order date. Please see additional terms and conditions at giftogram.com/recipient-terms-of-service. There are no limits to the number of homeowners who can be referred by a single individual. Nelnet Renewable Energy employees may participate as referrers in this referral program.

Sold Referral Bonus

A person who has referred a homeowner to Nelnet Renewable Energy will receive a $500 check upon the latest to occur of the following with respect to the referred homeowner: (1) execution of a contract between the referred homeowner and Nelnet Renewable Energy for installation of a solar system at the referred homeowner’s address; (2) completion of installation of said solar system; and (3) receipt of substantially all payment for installation of said solar system from the referred homeowner. Only one $500 check will be awarded for each referred household’s solar installation. Referrers must complete a W-9 to receive their referral rewards.

Solar Installation Process

Utilities and Interconnection

Nelnet Renewable Energy does not have the authority to require your utility to do anything related to you and your account.

Net Metering

Net metering offers a potential opportunity for solar system owners to capitalize on excess solar energy that their system produces. The excess energy is generally sold back to the utility at a rate determined by your utility provider, and a billing credit is applied to your utility account at your utility provider’s discretion. You’ll generally see these credits on your monthly utility bills. (Electric utility rates and net metering rules may vary.) The application of net metering credits is subject to the discretion of your utility provider and applicable law and Nelnet Renewable Energy is not responsible for ensuring that your utility provider applies net metering credits to your utility account.

Third-Party Electric Suppliers

Net metering enrollment is available at the discretion of each third-party supplier and not always offered. If net metering is not available with your current utility provider, billing credits for excess energy sold back to your utility will not be available unless you change to a utility provider that will apply net metering credits to your account.


We’ll send the corresponding documents to your municipality and/or Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to apply for a building permit. Whether and when a building permit is granted is subject to the discretion of the municipality and/or AHJ. Nelnet Renewable Energy is not responsible for ensuring that the municipality and/or AHJ ultimately grants your permit.


The Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) completes the final inspection. They review the system for code compliance and submit the inspection report to your utility. Nelnet Renewable Energy is not responsible for the outcome of the final inspection. Should your project not pass inspection, your project manager will provide you with the details and schedule a time to remedy the issues identified by the AHJ.

Permission to Operate (PTO)

Permission to Operate (PTO) can take 10 to 30 business days, or more depending on the applicable utility, and the granting of PTO is at the discretion of your utility (and not Nelnet Renewable Energy). Please note: Operating your system without permission can result in disconnection of your electric service by your utility.

Annual Maintenance Plan

An annual maintenance package is available to commercial installation customers with Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services at an additional cost. With our annual maintenance package, Nelnet Renewable Energy will perform routine system maintenance and a detailed electrical inspection. Services will include, but not be limited to:

  • The inspection of PV modules, array wiring, racking, and inverters.
  • Ensuring proper operations of all electrical connections.
  • Servicing the security equipment, including monitors and fencing.
  • Recording the operational data from inverters and meters.


Residential installation customers of Nelnet Renewable Energy will generally have a SolarEdge inverter associated with their solar system. Your SolarEdge inverter comes with a free, five-year data plan for access to their cellular monitoring service. You’ll be contacted with the option to renew this plan in the fourth year. LAN connections and Wi-Fi connections are also available. Your SolarEdge inverter and the data plan for access to SolarEdge’s cellular monitoring service is subject to the terms and conditions offered by SolarEdge. Nelnet Renewable Energy is not responsible for ensuring that SolarEdge continues to offer any terms with respect to the SolarEdge inverter or with respect to the data plan for access to SolarEdge’s cellular monitoring service.

To check on the warranty status of your SolarEdge inverter, you can visit: www.solaredge.com/us/warranty-check.


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