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At Nelnet Renewable Energy, we’re a leading provider of turnkey commercial and industrial solar systems with a proven track record of delivering sustainable energy solutions tailored to the specific energy needs, budget, and goals of our commercial, municipal, and landowner partners. Our aim is to create a harmonious environmental alliance between nature and solar energy.

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Through our consultative and customer-focused approach, Nelnet Renewable Energy helps medium- to large-scale businesses and municipalities incorporate green initiatives into their business model to achieve substantial long-term savings. We also help landowners see how solar development can lead to increased efficiency, earnings, sustainability, and resiliency while enhancing the symbiotic relationship they have with the environment. Our installed commercial and industrial projects currently generate over 41 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of clean solar energy annually. As part of Nelnet – a publicly traded company that boasts a project portfolio of 636 megawatts (MW) and over $1.7 billion of solar projects nationwide – we have strong financials to back up a full-service team of consultants, engineers, project managers, electricians, and solar installers with decades of solar energy experience.

C&I Solar Panel Installation

Started in 2012 under the GRNE Solar name, our team installs turnkey commercial and industrial solar systems with a consultative, customer-focused approach. We’re known for using Tier 1 components from globally recognized manufacturers to help customers achieve cost savings, energy security, and their sustainability goals.

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Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Solutions

As an experienced, full-service EPC partner, we can provide sales, design, execution, and support of solar energy systems for municipalities, businesses, schools, universities, hospitals, landowners, and utilities – or offer full EPC services to developers, including project execution, and operations and maintenance (O&M) services.

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Greenfield Solar Development

Nelnet Renewable Energy helps landowners harness the potential of the sun from their untouched landscapes with synergistic solar energy projects that contribute to a greener future for generations to come. Partner with us for our meticulous site assessment, leadership and innovation, community engagement, and commitment to environmental responsibility.

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