The Reason So Many Municipalities Are Going Solar

Gain insights and practical knowledge about the benefits of solar energy for municipalities.

While Illinois municipalities have faced rising energy costs and environmental concerns in recent years, solar prices have fallen by 54% over the last decade – and the Inflation Reduction Act and Clean Energy Jobs Act have provided incentives to make solar even more affordable. Solar energy offers unique opportunities to help you address your municipality’s challenges today. Download our white paper “Solar Power: A Cost-Effective Solution for Modern Municipalities” now.

Municipal Solar by the Numbers

30 %

Offset Installation Costs

If solar installations qualify, cities can offset 30% or more of their solar installation costs with a direct payment from the federal government for installing solar.

30 %

of Cost Covered Over 15 Years

Under the Adjustable Block Program, municipalities may receive compensation based on estimated production of their system over the 15 years after installation.

2 K%

Increase in Solar Capacity

Illinois’ solar capacity is expected to rise by 1700% in the next five years, thanks to a robust renewable portfolio standard (RPS).

40 %

Renewable by 2030

Illinois’ RPS mandate sets a lofty goal for the state’s energy to come from renewable sources, applying pressure to municipalities.