Help the Environment with Community Solar

Using the sun to produce clean, renewable energy has many positive impacts on the environment, helping to make our planet better for future generations. With more people using community solar to access the benefits of solar power all the time, we’re working together to positively impact our world.

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could be powered by the current solar installed in the U.S.

How does community solar benefit the planet?

If you value the earth’s resources and are concerned about how using fossil fuel energy impacts our environment, then community solar is a great solution. Solar projects offer you a simple way to help your local community and our planet.

Eases Water Scarcity

Uses less water to produce energy than other energy types

Reduces Reliance on Limited Fossil Fuels

Replaces harmful fossil fuels with a clean, renewable energy source

Helps Fight Climate Change and Its Effects

Rising temperatures and sea levels

Volatile weather patterns

Reduces Pollution and
Its Effects

Smog, acid rain, and algae blooms

Harm to people, plants, and animals

Accelerates Use of Solar Energy

Community solar is affordable and accessible
No roof needed

More residents and businesses switching to solar
Greater positive impact

Measure Your Impact on the Environment

Your Impact

When you sign up for a community solar project, your dashboard shows your energy usage and environmental impact of your participation in the project.

Solar Energy’s Impact

Over 127 million metric tons of carbon dioxide are offset annually by U.S. solar power, and you can be part of it. That’s like planting nearly 2 billion trees!1

Ready for clean energy?

Who is Nelnet Renewable Energy?

Nelnet Renewable Energy

Nelnet Renewable Energy is an affiliate of Nelnet, a purpose-driven company started more than 40 years ago. Our leadership and associates are committed to supporting renewable energy – and our organization is known for providing exceptional customer experiences. That’s our promise to you.

To learn more about who we are, visit About Us.

Proudly Supporting Our Industry

We’re a proud member of organizations working to power communities with renewable energy.

Explore More About Community Solar

The Smaller Footprint of Community Solar

Learn about where community solar’s footprint comes from, how solar power may evolve, and why solar is still better for our planet than fossil fuels.

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A community solar project, farm, or garden is a collection of solar panels called an array that supplies electricity to a local power grid serving the region. Community solar projects offer residents and small businesses a way to support clean, renewable energy without start-up costs, maintenance fees, or installation hassles. In addition to helping save the environment, people who subscribe to community solar projects can save on their annual energy costs by receiving credit on their electricity bills for their share of the power produced. For more information, see How Does Community Solar Work?

Unlike some other types of energy, solar energy doesn’t emit greenhouse gases that create climate change and harm the environment, plants, animals, and people. Once you subscribe to a community solar project with Nelnet Renewable Energy, your community solar dashboard shows the environmental impact of your project. For more about the environmental benefits of community solar, visit this page.

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