Now You Have the Power

Community solar projects benefit the environment. But they also empower residents and small business owners like you to support renewable energy use and save on your energy costs through a hassle-free subscription. With your community, you have the power to choose solar.

Why Not Community Solar?

Support renewable energy supplied to your power grid by local community solar projects and save each month on your energy bill – all with no upfront costs, installation or maintenance fees, permits, or building restrictions. Why wouldn’t community solar be for you?

Support Local, Renewable Energy

Community solar makes supporting renewable energy possible and accessible for anyone who’s wanted to make a difference but couldn’t. Working together, we can make our world greener today and in the future.

Working Together as One

On your own, you may not be able to choose solar energy due to high costs, building or permit restrictions, or because you rent. But thanks to community solar, making green choices has never been easier and more affordable. Together, we can!

Become One with the Sun

The sun is our solar system’s greatest source of power. Community solar is becoming one with that power, harnessing its energy, and using it to live cleaner, greener lives.

Easy Savings on Energy

For residents and businesses who subscribe to local community solar projects, once renewable energy is flowing to your power grid, we coordinate billing with your utility provider to make sure you get energy savings from your subscription.

Average Monthly Energy Savings

You thought solar energy was expensive and something you couldn’t afford? Subscribers to our local community solar projects actually save up to 10% on their monthly energy bills.1

Community Solar on the Rise

Solar is fast becoming the future of renewable energy, with enough installed solar in America at the end of 2019 to power 14.5 million American homes.2 The next five years will see the U.S. community solar market add as much as 3.4 gigawatts. That will be enough to power roughly 650,000 homes.3

Many of us want to make green choices, but we haven’t been able to do it on our own. Now, with the power of community solar, it’s easy to make a difference for ourselves and for our communities – for today, and for future generations.

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