Community Solar in Colorado

Live or own a business in Colorado? Explore our community solar gardens and join one to help support clean, renewable energy and your state’s bold climate action plan.

Plug Into Easy, Clean, Affordable Energy

Nelnet Renewable Energy is proud to bring community solar to Colorado, helping homeowners, renters, and businesses support Colorado's renewable energy goals. Now you can go solar from anywhere without the hassle of solar panel installation, startup costs, and maintenance fees – and you may save on your monthly energy costs, too.1

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Renewable energy use by 2040 is the goal for Colorado’s bold climate action roadmap.

We’re Excited to Bring Clean Energy to Colorado

Colorado has a lot to offer – and we’re discovering it all. We’re excited to be part of the community with our new solar gardens that create local jobs and bring the benefits of clean solar energy to residents and businesses. Fill out the form below, and you’ll be first to know about gardens you’re eligible to join when they become available.

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Nearly half of Americans can’t install solar panels on their own roof because they rent, find it unaffordable, or have physical barriers.1 With community solar, you don’t even need a roof!


Reduction of greenhouse gas pollution by 2030 is the goal for Colorado’s bold climate action roadmap.


Over 127 million metric tons of carbon dioxide are offset each year by American solar power, and you can be part of it. That’s like planting nearly 2 billion trees!2

There’s No Down Side to Community Solar

Community solar makes clean, renewable solar energy accessible for anyone fortunate enough to have a nearby project to join. If you have a project available to you, why not take advantage of its many benefits?

Make Our Future Planet Better

If reducing your carbon footprint is important to you, participating in community solar is an easy way to make an important impact. Solar energy reduces greenhouse gases and uses less water than other energy sources, too.

Go Solar Without Hassle or Fees

With community solar from Nelnet Renewable Energy, you’ll support solar energy use with a flexible contract – and enjoy no startup costs, no installation of panels on home or business, and no maintenance or cancellation fees.

You May Save On Your Monthly Energy Bill

With community solar, you may even save 0-10% on your monthly energy costs1, depending on your program and project. You can see the savings for each project before you sign up. No matter what, you’ll never pay more to help support your community with clean, solar energy use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Community solar isn’t complicated, and it’s easy to sign up for – but it may be new to you. We’ve got answers to commonly asked questions here.

A community solar project, farm, or garden is a collection of solar panels called an array that supplies electricity to a local power grid serving the region. Community solar projects offer residents and small businesses a way to support clean, renewable energy without start-up costs, maintenance fees, or installation hassles. In addition to helping save the environment, people who subscribe to community solar projects can save on their monthly energy costs by receiving credit on their electricity bills for their share of the power produced. For more information, see How Does Community Solar Work?

It depends on your solar project. As a subscriber, you may or may not be charged monthly for a portion of the project’s energy production. Either way, though, you’ll receive solar credits that may help cover your energy bill payment and may save you money on your monthly energy costs. Your subscription charge (if any), solar credits, and savings will vary depending on the state program or specific solar project. With community solar, your savings are locked in – with no hidden fees. You’ll never pay more on your energy costs because you subscribed to community solar.

When you sign up for community solar, you’re allocated a portion of the project’s energy production. In exchange, you receive solar credits applied to your utility bill each month which may result in monthly savings on your energy costs. The amount of your savings will depend on the state program or specific solar project.1 (You can watch your solar credits accruing in your community solar dashboard.)

Once your project starts generating energy, you may or may not be charged monthly for a portion of the project’s energy production, depending on your project. With every project, you’ll also receive solar credits that may reduce your monthly utility bill charges. Your subscription charge (if any), solar credits, and monthly savings will vary depending on the specific solar project, but people who subscribe to a community solar project in Colorado can save from 0-10% on their monthly energy costs. With community solar, your savings are locked in – with no hidden fees – so you’ll never pay more for making the decision to support clean, solar energy in your community.

No. We don’t use introductory rates. We set rates based on your contract and historical utility usage so that they continue to provide consistent savings throughout the lifetime of your solar project.

If you move and your new address is in the same project territory, you can remain subscribed to the same project – but please let us know so we can update your information. If you move outside the project coverage area, please call us. We may have another project available in your new neighborhood. If you change your mind, there’s no fee to cancel. Notice is often required, and the length of any notice needed is explained in your agreement.

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