With community solar, New York residents have the opportunity to save up to 10% on their electrical costs. Below is an example that demonstrates your savings potential.

On his community solar bill, Jake pays – at a discounted rate – just $90 in charges for his subscription, or his portion of the solar project’s energy production. Jake continues to receive his standard utility bill, which includes his electrical usage and charges, as well as his solar credits (worth $100) that are applied from his community solar subscription’s production. Even though Jake has two bills now, with the solar credits applied to his utility bill – and the discounted charges on his solar bill – he’s actually paying $90, which is less than the $100 he used to pay on his energy costs.

As a community solar subscriber, you can expect to see savings of up to 10% on your energy costs. Your cost savings is dependent on your energy usage and the portion of the community solar project allocation you receive. Your individual solar project allocation would be determined, using your current monthly energy usage with your existing utility company. There is a capped savings potential of up to 10% on your monthly electrical costs based on New York’s community solar program rules.

You can also reference the example image below, which visually shows your current bill and your bills with community solar.

Graphic explaining the community solar billing process

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