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General By Nelnet Renewable Energy February 25, 2022

Community solar may be new to you, so we suspect you may have questions. We try to anticipate those questions and answer them throughout our website where you would expect to find them. Sometimes you just need to look something up quickly – and not all questions apply to every community solar subscriber. That’s why our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is a handy place to put that information and helpful for you to know about.

How Questions Are Organized

Since most questions about community solar can be grouped into one or more of several larger categories, that’s
how we’ve grouped information on our FAQ page. Here’s how we have topics categorized:

  • General. You can find out what community solar is, who Nelnet Renewable Energy is and
    what we do, what to do if there are no solar farms located in your state, whether you can visit the
    solar farm, and more.
  • Environmental Impact. Learn why solar energy is good for the environment and to what
  • Enrollment. Explore how to sign up for community solar and why we ask you to provide
    your utility information when you do. Learn what solar credits are and when you’ll first receive them,
    how to get added to a wait list, and what happens after you enroll. You’ll also find out that a credit
    check is only required for some solar farms – and for some states.
  • Subscription. Wondering whether you pay for insurance, installation, or maintenance on
    your portion of your solar farm? (You don’t.) Or maybe you’re curious about what happens if you move or
    how long your contract term is? These are the sorts of answers you’ll find here.
  • Savings and Billing. You’ll find questions about monthly charges, upfront costs or
    sign-up fees (there are none!), solar credits, cost savings, what happens with your utility bill – and
    even a question about whether those who purchase their electric supply from a third-party electric
    supplier can sign up for community solar.

Answers We Provide

We provide simple, straightforward answers on our FAQ page. For some topics, we provide an answer and then refer
you to other another resource on our site for detailed information that will more thoroughly answer your

Take, for example, the question, “Will I receive a bill from you and my utility company? Where will my solar
credits appear?” While many community solar farms use single billing, some states use dual billing. The savings
is the same for both, but there are some differences. In our FAQ, we provide a short description of how billing
and savings work, and then refer you to our resource How the Billing Process Works for more detailed information
and graphics.

Where to Go for More Information

We encourage you to also check out our Resource Center, where we post articles and videos about community solar
and other topics related to renewable energy.

If you have a question best answered by a person, you can always contact us, too. We’re available for calls at
844.584.3213 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern – or you can email us. We love to hear from you
– and we welcome your ideas about information we can make available so that it’s easy for our customers to

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