The Essential Guide to Community Solar

General By Nelnet Renewable Energy December 6, 2021

A Guide to the Essentials About Community Solar

Many people don’t know what community solar is and how it works. That usually means they miss out on an opportunity to participate – and that’s unfortunate because community solar offers solutions to address global and personal challenges we face every day.

Read on if you:

  • Seek ways to control monthly energy costs and free up money for other things.
  • Care about the environment and want to help preserve the planet for future generations.
  • Want to use solar, but can’t install or don’t want to pay for traditional rooftop solar where you live or work.

Take a few minutes and we promise to make it clear how community solar works, what benefits it offers, who can sign up – and what happens after you do. Let’s get started.

How It Works

Community solar is a collection of solar panels that brings clean energy to the power grid, along with an opportunity for homeowners, renters, businesses, and municipalities to sign up and save money on energy costs.

Find Easy Savings on Monthly Energy Costs

If you, your organization, or others you know are on a fixed income or looking for ways to save money, community solar can help by providing a way for you to save on monthly energy bills. This can free up other money in your budget – and sign-up is free.1

Save money and make a positive impact on our world

If caring for the environment matters to you, but installing rooftop panels or buying an electric car aren’t options, you can still support solar and make our planet a better place for future generations. Community solar lets you save money on monthly energy costs while you help save the environment. All it takes is signing up for your local solar project – and the sooner you join, the sooner you start saving.

Plug and Play Savings With Community Solar

Community solar savings start when your solar farm produces energy that goes to your power grid. As the energy flows, you receive solar credits that reduce your electric bill each month – with no work on your part. When you consider other ways you find to save money, you’ll see how convenient it really is to save with community solar.

Save Time

  • No Applying Discount Codes
  • No Clipping Coupons
  • No Searching Stores or Apps

Searching for most discounts takes time and effort. With community solar, you just take five minutes to sign up and you’re all set. Once you start receiving solar credits on your utility bill that lead to savings on your monthly energy costs, you don’t even need to think about it again.

Save Hassle

  • No Rising Introductory Rates
  • No Renegotiating Discounts
  • No Fee to Cancel for Residential Customers2

Often, cable, internet, or cell phone plans offer a great introductory rate that goes up over time. After a year or two, you find you’re no longer saving money like you thought. With Nelnet Renewable Energy, our community solar contracts provide savings that automatically continue at the same rate over the life of your agreement. Plus, there are no cancellation fees for residential customers2 if you move or change your mind – you just need to provide notice.

Help the Environment with Community Solar

Using the sun to produce clean, renewable energy has many positive effects on the environment, helping to make our planet better for the future.

Environmental Benefits of Community Solar

Eases Water Scarcity

Uses less water to produce energy than other energy types.

Reduces Reliance on Limited Fossil Fuels

Replaces harmful fossil fuels with a clean, renewable energy source.

Helps Fight Climate Change and Its Effects

Helps reduce rising temperatures, sea levels, and volatile weather patterns.

Reduces Pollution and Its Effects

Helps to lessen smog, acid rain, and algae blooms that are harmful to people, plants, and animals.

Accelerates Use of Solar Energy

Makes solar affordable and accessible so that more residents and organizations can participate – for greater impact.

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