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The Ferris Road solar farm is the largest of the three solar farms located between Lawrenceville and Nicholville along Ferris Road. Located the furthest south, the Ferris Road solar farm is also the largest of these three community solar farms. Ferris Road will serve nearly 900 New Yorkers just like you, saving each subscriber up to 10% on their utility bills.

In addition to producing savings through clean, renewable energy, the Ferris Road community solar project will reduce greenhouse gases and pollution, helps preserve the nearby forests, parks, and nature areas including Sylvan Falls, Everton Falls Preserve, Knapp Station State Forest, and Adirondack Park.

Your Solar Farm Timeline

The process of building a solar farm is filled with several key milestones. You can see, at a glance, where in the process Ferris Road solar farm is.

Step 1 out of 8

Site Identification Status: Completed

The solar farm’s developer identifies a site and reaches an agreement with the property owner.

Step 2

Zoning Research Status: Completed

The developer works with municipalities and local residents to make sure the farm complies with environmental regulations and zoning laws.

Step 3

Permitting Status: Completed

Electrical and building permits are obtained.

Step 4

Site Preparation Status: Completed

Land beneath and around modules is left intact to create a natural meadow as a habitat for small mammals, birds, and bees.

Step 5

Construction Status: In Progress

The construction manager and team works year-round, installing panel frames, solar panels, and other equipment.

Step 6

Witness Test Status: To Be Determined

With construction completed, a witness test is scheduled with the utility’s team to ensure all equipment is properly installed and ready to be connected to the grid.

Step 7

Utility Paperwork Status: To Be Determined

The utility completes required paperwork after the solar farm passes the witness test.

Step 8

Go-Live Status: To Be Determined

The solar farm is live, producing clean, solar energy that’s delivered through the existing power grid.

Solar Farm Coverage Area

This coverage map includes approximate coverage areas available to participate in this solar farm.

Coverage Area


409 Ferris Rd
Nicholville, NY 12965


10,017,099 kWh

Capacity DC:

6,795 kW


National Grid


Green Street Power Partners

Expected Live Date:



Number of spots left.

0 %

On average, people who participate in community solar programs save up to 10% on their monthly energy costs.1 You can, too.

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Over 127 million metric tons of carbon dioxide are offset each year by American solar power, and you’re part of it. That’s like planting almost 2 billion trees!2

Refer Others to Community Solar – It’s a Win-Win

It’s great that you’re helping the environment while saving up to 10% on your energy costs with community solar.1 You can do even more good by helping others plug into the benefits of community solar with our referral program.

For each family member or friend who signs up for community solar and includes your email address in the Promo Code field when they do, both of you will receive a $50 Amazon.com Gift Card.3 There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer or Amazon.com Gift Cards you can earn. 3

Ferris Road Solar Farm's Impact on the Environment


passenger vehicles off the road for a year.


fewer gallons of gasoline consumed per year.

The clean, renewable energy your solar farm produces offsets greenhouse gases emissions and carbon dioxide. The environmental impact is like taking 934 passenger vehicles off the road for a year or cutting 487,604 gallons of gasoline consumed per year.4

Green Street Power Partners

Green Street Power Partners

Green Street Power Partners (GSPP) is a national developer, financier, owner, and operator of solar energy systems benefiting residents and businesses from communities all across the country. Through our 38 fully subscribed community solar projects in New York, Massachusetts, and Minnesota and over 50 additional projects under development in New York and Colorado, we’re thrilled to expand community solar program access and savings to thousands of homes and businesses. GSPP strives to continue this growth while staying committed to corporate social responsibility and helping improve the quality of life for everyone as we sustain our environment for future generations through solar power. We view this responsibility as a fundamental part of our business, and we consistently strive to inspire these values in our employees, partners, and customers.

3 To be eligible for this promotion, recipients must be current Nelnet Renewable Energy customers. Referees must include their referrer’s email address in the promotional code field during their sign up. If a referral results in a sign-up, the referrer will receive a $50 Amazon.com Gift Card via email and the referee will receive a $50 Amazon.com Gift Care via email once they begin receiving bill credits. There are no limits on the number of qualified referrals per household. Restrictions apply, see amazon.com/gc-legal.

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