East Road South

Located in the rural area between Lowville and Denmark, East Road South is – you guessed it – the southern of two community solar projects offering help for the environment and your wallet. These solar projects feed local, clean energy to your National Grid utility, so there’s no change in utility if you sign up to participate. As a homeowner, renter, or business, there’s only savings of up to 10% on your monthly energy costs at stake if you don’t.


Help the environment by using clean, renewable energy and reduce your energy costs? It’s a no-brainer. Reserve your spot with East Road South by grabbing your utility bill and taking just five minutes to sign up.

Project Coverage Area

This coverage map includes approximate coverage areas available to participate in this project.

Coverage Area


6557 East Rd S
Denmark, NY 13631




4,425,400 kWh

Capacity DC:

2,900 kW


National Grid


  • Green Street Power Partners

Expected Live Date:



Number of spots left.

0 %

On average, people who participate in community solar programs save up to 10% on their monthly energy costs.1 You can, too.

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Over 90 million metric tons of carbon dioxide are offset each year by American solar power, and you can be part of it. That’s like planting almost 1.5 billion trees!2

Green Street Power Partners

Green Street Power Partners

Green Street Power Partners is a national developer, financier, owner and operator of community solar projects that are serving the residents and businesses of communities all across the country. With 21 fully subscribed projects and another three accepting applications or in development, we’re excited about the impact we’ve been able to have in New York, Massachusetts, and Minnesota – and where our plans may take us in the future. While helping our clients achieve their goals is key, our mission is helping to build a renewable energy future together.

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