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Sign up for a solar farm and receive a $50 gift certificate to FarView Golf Course.1 Plus, you’ll save up to 10% on your monthly energy costs.2

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Community Solar in Action

A community solar farm, or project, is a collection of solar panels.

The community solar farm supplies clean, renewable, energy to your local utility company.

Homeowners, renters, and businesses can sign up for community solar in just minutes. When you sign up, you receive power from the same utility you use today.

Once your farm starts generating energy, you receive solar credits on your monthly utility bill that actually save you money on your energy costs.

See How It Works for You

Supporting solar energy has never been easier than with community solar. Plus, you’ll even come out ahead financially. Don’t whiff on this great deal.

  • You don’t have to worry about installing solar panels on your rooftop.

  • You don’t even need to own your roof (or have one).

  • You pay no upfront costs, maintenance, or insurance fees.

  • You’ll receive a $50 gift certificate to FarView Golf Course.1

  • You’ll save up to 10% on your monthly energy costs.2

Sign-up is easier than a tap in putt.

All you need is five minutes and your utility bill.



Enter your ZIP code to see if there are any community solar projects near you. (If not, you can join our waitlist.)



Create your account using your personal email address, confirm you’re eligible, and sign up for your project. Use promo code: FARVIEW.



When your project starts producing energy, you’ll save on your monthly energy costs.2

What happens after I sign up?

Once you’re signed up, we’ll keep you in the loop. We’ll let you know how to access your solar dashboard, where you’ll see photos of your project – and track your energy usage, solar credits, and impact on the environment.

Plus, we’ll let you know when your project is going live so you know when your subscription (and your savings) will begin.

How does billing work with community solar?

You may have questions about how your utility bill will be impacted by charges and solar credits – and how those things lead to monthly savings. If you do, check out Community Solar: How the Billing Process Works.

Ready to start saving on your energy costs?

Plug Into Service With Nelnet Renewable Energy

Nelnet Renewable Energy

Nelnet Renewable Energy is an affiliate of Nelnet, a purpose-driven company started more than 40 years ago. Our leadership and associates are committed to supporting renewable energy – and our organization is known for providing exceptional customer experiences. That’s our promise to you. Here’s how we deliver:

  • You’ll lock in on savings on your monthly energy costs2 – and always pay less with community solar than if you hadn’t signed up.

  • You’ll have resources like a solar dashboard that provides information about your solar project, energy usage, and impact on the environment.

  • You’ll work with real people who are here to support you and answer your questions.

  • Contracts are flexible. If you change your mind or move, just notify us in advance – there are no fees to cancel.

  • You can count on us to be straight with you. We’ve been around for more than 40 years because we do things the right way.

1 The potential recipient of this gift certificate must become a subscriber of a Nelnet Renewable Energy community solar project. The potential recipient must use code “FARVIEW” when signing up for community solar services at If the potential recipient becomes a subscriber, they will receive a $50 gift certificate to FarView Golf Course via email once they begin receiving bill credits. To redeem their gift certificate at FarView Golf Course, 2419 Avon Geneseo Rd., Avon, NY 14414, recipients must show their emailed gift certificate at the pro shop front desk. Questions about redeeming this gift certificate may be directed to Limit of one gift certificate to FarView Golf Course per household. This promotion is available until 12/31/22. Additional Restrictions & Terms and Conditions apply.

2 As a community solar subscriber, your subscription charge (if any), solar credits, and resulting savings on monthly energy costs will vary depending on the state program or specific solar project. Your cost savings is dependent on your energy usage and the portion of the community solar project allocation you receive. Your individual solar project allocation would be determined using your current monthly energy usage with your existing utility company. People who subscribe to a community solar project in New York can save up to 10% on their monthly energy costs.

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